CNAP Monitor 500 "HD"​
  • CNAP Monitor 500 "HD"​

  • Continuous Noninvasive Blood Pressure & Hemodynamics

  • Product No: NS-1066
  • Manufacturer: CNSystems
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The new CNAP Monitor 500 ‘HD’ is a non-invasive and beat-to-beat system which records blood pressure, hemodynamic (CO, SV etc.) and fluid status (PPV/SVV) with the same accuracy as invasive systems. The CNAP Monitor solution is trending rapidly thanks to its reliability, cost-effectiveness and fast set-up requiring minimal training effort. The blood pressure curve is available immediately after application. The new CNAP Monitor 500 ‘HD’ has also expanded limits of application, supporting the implementation of Enhanced Surgical Recovery (ESR) with Goal Directed Therapy (GDT) in low and intermediate risk surgeries (also in parallel to the arterial line without the need for an arterial catheter) in ER and bariatric patients. In research applications, CNAP HD enhances standard hemodynamic assessment with continuous blood pressure and full hemodynamic from an easy-to-use finger sensor.



Full Hemodynamic Picture

 CNAP Monitor - Full Hemodynamic


System Features

  • Real-time systolic, diastolic, mean blood pressure and pulse rate
  • High-fidelity blood pressure waveform
  • CO (Cardiac Output with CNAP® HD and Pulse Contour analysis), SV (Stroke Volume), PPV/SVV (Pulse Pressure Variation, Stroke Volume Variation)* and SVR (Systemic Vascular Resistance) allowing for hemodynamic monitoring and fluid optimization*
  • Easy-to-use double finger sensor for a quick and easy setup for every day clinical use
  • Automatic sensor sizing
  • Different calibration modes to upper arm blood pressure (NBP, oscillometric)
  • Easy integration in patient monitoring "BP Wave Out"
  • Adjustable alarming system
  • 8.4” colour anti-reflective screen
  • Integrated thermal printer
  • Rechargeable internal battery for up to two hours of CNAP® operation
  • Up to 24 hours measurement duration 
  • Additional analog out connector - customizable assignment


Technical Specifications

Continuous Noninvasive Arterial Pressure
Sys 40 - 250mmHg
Dia 30 - 210mmHg
Mean 35 - 230mmHg
Pulse rate 30 - 200bpm
Degree of protection BF (defibrillation proof) 
Automatic scaling to brachial pressure (NBP)  
Oscillometric Blood Pressure Measuring Rage
Dia Adult 20 - 200 mmHg, Pediatric 20 - 160 mmHg
Sys Adult 40 - 260 mmHg, Pediatric 40 - 230 mmHg
Degree of Protection BF (defibrillation proof)
CNAP Hemodynamics Measuring Range
CO 0,0 - 99,9 l/min
CI 0,0 - 99,9 l/min/m2
SV 0 - 500 ml
SVI 0 - 500 ml/m2
SVR 0 - 9999 dyne*s/cm5
SVRI 0 - 9999 dyne*s/cm5 /m2
Fluid responsiveness: CNAP PPV and SVV
Measuring range PPV 0 - 40%
  SVV 0 - 40%
Nominal voltage 100 - 240 VAC
Supply frequency  ~50/60 Hz
Battery sealed lead-gel, operating time: 2 hours (fully charged battery)
CNAP Hardware
Weight 7,5 kg (16,6 lbs) including accessories and cables
Height 280 x 270 x 250 mm (11 x 10,6 x 9,8 inch)
Built-In Monitor
Type TFT-LCD, 800 x 600 pixel
Size 8,4 inch diagonally
User Interface
Controls Click-wheel control, fast access keys
Indicators Visual and audible alarm indication, battery status, printer status, power LED
Trend Display Customized configuration: numeric, graphic, alarm history
Adjustable Alarming System
Alarms physiological: med priority, technical: low priority
BP Wave Out Easy integration in all standard patient monitoring systems (2 - 10 VDC supply voltage)
AUX Analog Out Analog output of calibrated continuous blood pressure waveform (-5V to 5V)
USB Port
Version  USB 1.1 (bandwidth 12 MBits/s)
Type Integrated thermal printer, 58mm
Compliance and Approvals
Safety class II (IEC 60601) IEC 60601-1; IEC 60601-1-6; EN 1060-4 (NBP)
Class II b (93/42/EEC) IEC 60601-1-2; IEC 60601-1-8; ISO 81060-2 (NBP)
Patient applied part type BF (defibrillation proof); IEC 80601-2-30

Please note: Important! This product is for research applications only. Not a medical device as defined in EU directive 93/42/EEC. Not designed or intended to be used for diagnosis or treatment of disease.